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"I Am Your Chief"
Juror's Award
2013 CA
State Fair
Fine Arts


Juror's Award
2013 CA State Fair
Fine Arts Exhibition

Juror's Award
2010 CA State Fair
Fine Arts Exhibition

Award of Excellence
2009 CA State Fair
Fine Arts Exhibition

Award of Excellence
2008 CA State Fair
Fine Arts Exhibition

Award of Excellence
2007 CA State Fair
Fine Arts Exhibition


Tupos, Greek for impression or form

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"Torch of Memory" unveiled at the Smithsonian's
National Museum of the American Indian
(Pat's presentation starts at 4:30)

   When I was asked to do a painting of Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills for the World Olympic Museum, I immediately knew depicting the power of the moment after his victory, showing the depths of his emotions, was what I had to do.
   In capturing the emotion of the moment, I knew it would involve a journey, a destination and a memory.  Billy has always said it is the journey not the destination that empowers us, and it’s the daily decisions we make in life not just our talent that choreographs our destiny.  I then had to ask the question:  What is memory?  How can I depict it in a painting?.......Smoke!
   In this piece you see smoke and fire creating an atmosphere in front of Billy. They represent  the Olympic torch as well as represent two of the elements used in traditional Lakota sacred ceremonies.
   Billy, a member of the Oglala Lakota Nation, is shown half in and half out of a circle or drum.  This characterizes him taking the virtues and values of his culture, tradition and spirituality and transferring them into a current day positive pursuit.
   Mount Olympus can be seen in the background along with Grecian columns representing the journey of the Olympic Games.  This also represents the memory of  Billy’s journey from the Black Hills of South Dakota ( which to the Lakota is the heart  of  everything that is)  to the top of  Mt. Olympus.
   The Olympic rings have been deconstructed and connected to a dream catcher.  Billy was taught the dream catcher catches the bad dreams and filters the good dreams through.
   I have outlined Billy in blue.  In his Lakota culture, blue illustrates truth and virtue. The small figures you see on the right are indigenous people exalting in his victory.
   If you look at this painting in its entirety, it includes at least one color from all flags of all nations.  The  most sacred saying of the Lakota is mitakuye oyasin (we are all related). To Billy, the Olympic Games are synomous with  global  unity through the dignity, character and beauty of global diversity, the future humankind. 
   Lastly, you will see near the dream catcher the reference to Billy:  10K  64


I Am Your Chief, by artist Patricia Mills

Jurors Award
2013 California State Fair Fine Arts Competition

Gallery Tupos

At Jam Studios
4311 Attawa Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95822

Billy Mills and Nicholas Sparks
Billy Mills and Nicholas Sparks,
co-authors of"Lessons of a Lakota"

Painting commisioned by Nicholas Sparks
Painting commissioned by Nicholas Sparks

Giclees available of these two paintings for $1000 each (click to enlarge)
Email for more information

Torch of Memory
Torch of Memory
Original Acrylic on Canvas - SOLD

Comanche War Pony
Comanche War Pony
Original Acrylic on Canvas - SOLD

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